How to Play Fruit Machines and Other Online Slots

Slots machines became very popular since the first time they have appeared with stars and bells reel symbols. Today they are represented with numerous types and versions not only at land-based casino, but at online sites too.

Fruit Machines

You can choose to play fruit machines, which are very popular among online casino visitors. They don't have symbols on the reels, only pictures of various fruits. If you don't want to play fruit machines - you can play any other slots machines we've describe below. Here is a short synopsis given on every slot type.

Slots Types

  • Classic Slots

    Classic slots considered to be the oldest ones. They contain only 3 reels with different symbols printed on and the single payline.

  • Five-Reel Slots

    They have two extra reels. That's why they called five-reel slots machines. They are more interesting than traditional slots; however, they also have only one payline. Usually, players prefer them, when they want to win big jackpots.

  • Progressive Slots

    When playing progressive slots you can win a huge jackpot, because it is growing within every play.

  • Bonus Slots

    Such slot machines often give the player some extra features like: additional spin or some bonus prize, additional money to encourage play slots more and more. Sometimes when playing bonus slots gamblers won a jackpot. This is an explanation to such agiotage around bonus slots machines.

  • Free Slots

    Free slots can be found mostly at online casino sites. They offer free slots in order to attract visitors and make them regular guests. In order to offer them further games for real money. Though, free slots can become a good practicing alternative for the beginners. They are also good for improving slots strategies. You can play fruit machines for free as well!

  • Multi-line Slots

    Multi-line slots are remarkable for having several paylines, up to 15, whilst others contain only one. They can be both horizontal and diagonal.

  • Video Slots

    These slots machines are completely electronic with many options and modes to play. Sometimes video slots can be multi-lined. They also have a wild card option. This means if you receive some symbols in one payline - the wild symbol can replace the one that is missed in order to complete the whole payline. Video slots also offer all the written above bonuses.

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