Slot Machines Odds

Before anything else, you need to know that "cold" or "hot" machines do not exist. Just as how dice don't have memories in games of craps, machines that haven't paid out for a long time aren't about to hit. Conversely, machines that paid out recent jackpots won't go cold.

Odds of slot machines are governed tough statistical principles where previous game results do not effect subsequent games.

Additionally, odds of video slots aren't very different compared to mechanical slots. Today, mechanical slots also have computer brains called RNGs, where computers assign random numbers to every reel, depending on the exact millisecond in which the player sent a sign over to the slot machine.

These numbers can range from 1 to 32 or from 1 to 64. This will depend on the slot machine and there will be a certain number set for every reel. The actual computer will assign the majority of the numbers over to "blank" reel spots while mapping other numbers over to different symbols. The reels will keep spinning until they reach a value's assigned space.

Overall, this would mean that whether slots are played online or offline, the difference that lies between reels falling on empty spaces and jackpot combinations could be under a blink of an eye!

Understanding the Odds

Recent players of online slots must have seen casinos promising very high jackpots with guaranteed payoffs of 98%. Which would be better for you?

Well, if you dream of getting millions, you should play "progressive" slots. It has this name because online casinos or land casinos will get a part of the bet and put it into the overall jackpot. In the majority of cases, a whole row - if not several rows - will be completely involved in the building of this jackpot.

Several online video poker and blackjack games can also be found with progressives.

A lot of affiliated casinos online link together their slots in big progressive games. In order to build up the jackpot, game odds will be higher compared to those with small payouts. Therefore, you will not get smaller wins a lot like you would in regular machines. If you want to win progressive jackpots, however, you will need to bet "Max Credits" or "Max Coins" on every spin. If you only play a few coins per spin, you will simply cheat yourself and not get a huge payout.

Conversely, 98% payouts really deliver, though with particular caveats. In actual casinos, for instance, these percentages are guaranteed throughout the machine's life - of millions of spins. This means that you might have to give up a significant amount of coins just to reach that level of payout.

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