What Slots to Choose: Video Slots or Traditional Reel Machines?

If you belong to a category of people who likes to release their emotions and relax while gambling - then this article is for you. Playing at your favorite online game is a useful activity. Reel machines or slots have a relaxing effect on its players. Online slots among which we can find Video slots - also possess the same effect on players. Video slots are the prototypes of the traditional reel slots machines. It was proved that online gambling with its rich graphics and video effects has a positive influence.

Video Slots vs. Reel Slots

Online video slots and traditional reel machines always were competitors. Surely there are video slots admirers, who prefer rich graphics and powerful options, and reel slots fans, who are the true followers of the traditional gambling. Both competitors have advantages and disadvantages and you are able to compare them and choose the best variant.

Video Slots Advantages

The main advantage for playing video slots is that you can get various bonuses increasing your game, instead of spending money without any result. The most common bonus for online slots is an extra free spin. Who knows, maybe you win jackpot taking this opportunity.

If to play online - there is no need in searching for an appropriate slot machine. Fruit machines, multi-lines machines - whatever type you may want - you'll find on the Internet. All the major gambling online casinos offer players special tips on every game. Winning strategies are also to be found there.

Another fact in the video slots favor is the ability to play slots for free! No bets, no real money are used. You simply practice and improve your gaming skills and strategies. Video slots spin a little bit slower than the reel slots and during a free spin round players don't put money. While the reel slot takes 3 coins at a time for a very quick spin.


However, video slots contain at least 9 paylines and they allow using more coins at every single line. This means you will spend more money playing video slots than the reel machines. This also means you may lose more. Sounds not so good.

On the other hand, big jackpots are being paid at video slots only when you play up to 90 coins, while reel slots require only 3 or 4. This is where you have to make a decision: spend more coins in order to win bigger jackpot or spend less and play for your own pleasure.

All in all, it's all up to you. Simply follow one rule we are giving you - enjoy the game you play, they were made to entertain you.

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