Progressive Slots

In general, regular slots have fixed jackpot amounts on offer. These amounts do not change, regardless of the amount of players who play at the machine. With regular slots, no matter what time you play, the amount of the jackpot will be similar to the very last time it was seen by another player.

Progressive Slots

Now, progressive slots tend to be a little different since the amount of the jackpot never stays the same, no matter what. Instead, the amount will keep getting bigger each time a player makes a bet on the machine. If more players get entertained by that particular machine, the amount of the jackpot will get bigger with progressive slots. Some progressive slots do not pay out for very long and thus results in much higher jackpots. The majority of the time, though progressive slot jackpots are higher compared to regular slots.

It is easy to pinpoint live casino progressive slots since they come with electronic displays, which showcase the constant jackpot amount increase. In general, today's progressive slots come with three customary kinds: the standalone ones, the linked ones and the wide area ones.

Different Kinds of Progressive Slots

The standalone ones come with separate jackpots of their own aside from other machines. Only players that play at that certain machine will take part in the jackpot's increase.

The linked ones refer to groups of slots in the casino, which are linked together and thus share a single jackpot amount. If more players get involved, the shared amount of the jackpot will become bigger. However, know that every player who plays with you in such a machine could win the prize. And when another player ends up winning, you would have taken part in that prize.

Wide area ones refer to groups of machines that are connected to one another through a huge area - maybe from one casino to the next in one particular city. Some wide area slots are also progressives that are connected between casinos in completely different countries. Wide area slots tend to have the biggest jackpots because a lot more players take part in the prize compared to the previously mentioned progressive slots.

One general rule for progressive slots would be to play the highest amount of bets each time, otherwise you will not be eligible for the prize.

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