How to Play Slots

In a nutshell, today's slot machines resulting combination of symbols get dictated by inner computer chips as opposed to by the activity in each spinning reel.

Computer chips control predetermined halting points to stop every reel, which are regulated through digitized and small electricity bursts. Unlike the electricity currents that operate regular electric devices, their step motors generate controlled bursts to stop each spinning reel at a certain pre-appointed position.

Even though this may sound like pre-programming, the pre-programming of the machine's payout percentage will actually be determined by a completely different device - the RNG. The RNG gives every reel spin the same chance of getting a huge win.

Thanks to the RNG, billions of numbers get generated every second. Whichever number shows up after the button is pressed or the lever is pulled would be the number that the program processes and syncs with the number in which the certain halting point for every reel is based.

How 3-Reel Operations Work

With 3-reel slots, you press a button or pull a lever, so that the computer can record the subsequent numbers from an RNG. The very first number will be used in order to figure out the initial reel's position. The next number will be used for another reel and the last number for the last reel. Here is an example for 123,456,789.

You will start by pulling the machine's lever or pressing the button, so that the chip of the computer can record the following three numbers generated through the RNG. Every number will correspond to one particular reel, which will then be processed into basic calculations, which will eventually create one number that can tell the reels to stop.

If the initial number is 333 for the very first reel, the next calculation used will involve dividing that number with multiplied 32 values until they reach 512. Because every machine has a different program, the example will say the chip uses a 32 value.

After using this calculation, you will get 14 and 2 as a remainder, which would be vital for consideration since it tells us that 32 potential end results exist for this particular calculation and that it cannot exceed 32 or go under 0. After that, the computer maps these potential values on the computerized 32-stop reel.

Every computerized stop will correspond to actual reel stops. Because fewer actual stops exist on the reel compared to the computerized 32-stop reels, several actual stops are going to correspond to several computerized stops. When the reels are added together, the overall possibilities would end up being exponential - a huge advantage of today's slot machines.

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