One play strategy

Aside from cheaters in casino, people still haven't found out how to get over the slots house edge. However, several players really believe that it can be done with a system of slots known as "One Play." Because this system can supposedly beat the slots house edge, learn how it works and whether it can really beat the house here.

How It Works

First of all, you need to know that One Play needs the maximum coin amount possible. You start with One Play by betting your machine's max coins. If you win on the first spin, you have to stay with the machine and bet however many coins you ended up winning. For instance, if your max bet was 3 coins and you got 9 coins out of that bet, you have to stay and play for three spins more. Now, if you lose on that particular machine, move on to another slots game.

Looking back on that first spin, a loss on it means that you have to move on right away. If you end up losing again, keep moving to another machine and keep going that way. One Play's concept would be to look for hot machines but not wasting any money on the machines that seem cold.

Is It Effective?

Because One Play focuses on looking for "hot machines" altogether, you may have already guessed that this strategy of slots isn't actually valid. Just because a win comes about from a particular machine doesn't necessarily mean that there was no way you would've won on another game through various spins.

However, even after taking a look at this One Play in a logical manner, it is fun to try it every now and then, most of all if you love systems of slots and want to shake your life up a bit.

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