Slot machines can constantly be found taking up most of the space in a gaming floor and they draw he biggest crowds, too. Slot machine history started in 1800 and consists of many stories.

The First Appearance

Slot machines initially made their appearance in 1800 - far from today's machines. Such early machines came with card numbers as opposed to today's fruit symbols, for one. In the beginning, card symbols existed to give gamblers a familiarity and to avoid them looking scary and new. Such machines normally came with five reels of ten cards each, which means that two cards off a regular deck were left out: Jack hearts and 10 spades. Without these particular cards, the machines instantly cut the odds of the player winning the biggest prize by half. Such machines never paid out money, anyway, but instead gave out free drinks and cigars to their winning players.

The Inventors

By 1899, a man named Charles Fey created the very first machine of slots that actually looked like today's machines. It was known as Liberty Bell; it featured three reels that had different symbols - the Liberty Bell included. New parts were also added onto it, like the coin acceptor, the big side handle, and the payout table. Fey put his machine into a saloon in San Francisco to gauge the reaction of the public to his technology. It became such a success hint he end that Fey quit his current job and concentrated on this invention completely. This is how Fey monopolized the entire market of slot machines and became extremely successful.

By 1909, a man named Stephen Mill chose to alter the original design that Fey made by adding on ten brand new symbols onto every reel and thus making a more compact machine, which made installing and moving it much easier. The new machine ended up becoming a huge hit, too, and eventually took over all of Fey's older machines.

With these machines rising, slot machines went around very quickly and turned into today's icon of casinos. During their earlier days, however, these machines were heavy and loud, and usually needed strong arms in order to be operated with the handle. Because of this, the machines also became easy to cheat and manipulate overall. All a player had to do was stick a stick into several machines, so that the reels would stop as they pleased. This is when operators realized something had to be done to stop this. Everything stopped in 1964 when the very first electronic microprocessors were introduced to figure out the games' results.

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