Five-reel Slots

Slots with five reels have to match turn slots into a much more fun pastime compared to its classic three-reel counterpart. Usually, it even involves a lot of great bonuses, as well as great chances to win overall.

5-Reel Slots Online

After the computer turned into a regular furniture piece in the majority of Western homes today, 5-reel slots no long has to look like its original counterpart. Although casinos are able to play around when it comes to graphics in order to make slots look like their precedent counterparts, the notion of reels having a neat arrangement no longer exists.

Video slots, for one, have turned the classic layout into mere history by showing 50reel slots, which look completely different. These video machines usually show symbol grids that have a certain row and column arrangement. After a spin is made, the symbols look like they rotate in every cell, though this is merely thanks to visual effects.

Online, the space and layout freedom goes even further because everything can be accessed easily. There isn't a need to look for other pubs with slots anymore, either. A single casino can usually suffice in keeping players content for a long time to come. With constant gaming software updates, happy customers no longer have to move to other casinos online, either, because they can be sure that they will get brand new versions for their favorite slots anytime.

Special Features

As their name implies, 5-reel slots have one key feature: their five reels. All the other things will depend on different machines, which mean that 5-reel slots can have progressives, multiple pay lines or bonuses on them, as well. Although it looks like these machines don't have much of a personality, a lot of them exist in casinos online. Their themes vary greatly, as well, and any hooked player of slots can find the best 5-reel machine for him with ease.

Because of this, there is also the possibility to manage gambling in ways that will suit each person's wallet best since the original jackpot and bet sizes can be picked by the player depending on his mood.

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