Slot Bonuses

Slots and big betting requirements don't go well together because the high slot variance and house edge make it hard to finish betting requirements with a traditional strategy. It's a good thing that bonuses exist without big betting requirements, if any at all. Read on.

Bonuses without Betting Requirements

On average, gains for sticky, cash back or clear play bonuses without betting requirements are estimated this way:

Gain = Odds of Busting x Bonus - House Edge x Average Betting

This particular formula works when it comes to cash back bonuses because the bonuses only payout whenever you bust. However, it might seem counterintuitive when it comes to clear play and sticky bonuses. You might expect the gains to go down instead of up as the odds of busting go up, but remember that these bonuses can be wagered and not cashed out if the wagers aren't completed. Whenever you bust, both the deposit and the bonus are bet, but the deposit is lost. And when you bet the bonus, the winnings can be kept without paying for your losses.

Overall, this will increase the return, on average, by odds of busting x bonus.

Bonuses with Betting Requirements

It would be smart to start with the exact same strategy used with no-betting bonuses: just leverage this bonus by picking slots with high variance and doubling the wins. If it is allowed to have non-slot games without counting them towards betting, then pick bets of high variance when it comes to non-slot games instead, and choose those with a low house edge. With this high variance betting strategy on non-slot games with a lower house edge, you can get a high EV unlike with slot games, regardless if those games don't count towards bets or not.

The big strategic difference for with-betting bonuses happens after a huge win. By constantly making bets with high variance while betting, the EV will get extremely high. However, you will hardly ever get to finish betting. Therefore, it would be recommended to decrease variance instead and get better odds of payouts. Lower the bet size, move to a slot with lower variance and finish betting on non-slot games if this is allowed.

The slots with lower variance are usually the ones that don't have bonus rounds that pay high anyways, so you can keep playing for a long time without busting. Sadly, games with low variance are usually less exciting because rare big wins hardly occur. It is still possible to finish the betting requirements on video slots of high variance, but this should only be done with lower bet sizes. Doubling wins might be helpful, too, since this can lower the slots high house advantage to a more reasonable one.

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