Consecutive Steps to Winning the Slot Games

At first glance it seems that it is impossible to influence the flow of the game, when playing slots machines. However, there are strategies and tips that will help you to increase the difference between winning and losing for your benefit. It really makes difference what kind of slots to play: 3 reel, 5 reel or even 7 reel slots. It is obvious that 7 reel slots have better odds than 3 reel ones. So, there are some tips that together build the winning strategy.

Steps to Winning at Slots Games

Types of Slots

Among a wide variety of slot machines that have appeared for the last 30 years it is important to choose the one, which suits you the most. Slot machines may have the same payout rate but due to the fact they are all of different options, the results of the games can be quite diverse.

If you are hunting for a jackpot, the best slot to gamble is a progressive slot machine. Its jackpot sum is not fixed, so it is growing all the time until it reaches the certain level or is won. Slots of this type are connected and they share the same jackpot, which can reach enormous rate especially in online casinos.

It is a good idea to play bonus slots, as they are more favorable, challenging and at least more interesting. There can be a game within your game, extra cash, free spins or a way to win jackpot as kinds of bonuses. The pitfall of the game is notorious unpredictability and streak of bonus slots. They can net thousand dollars in a few minutes. However, the game session is long enough.


When you play bonus or progressive slot machines be sure to bet the maximum coins. It is reasoned by the payouts, which are listed on the pay-table. Only if you play the maximum bet, you will get the highest jackpot or extra cash as a bonus, when a certain combination appears. Maximum bets usually give a better percentage of payback than making just minimum bets.


Playing the maximum bet not always can be suitable for your pocket. In order to enjoy the game for a long time and not to miss the chance to win the maximum jackpot, you should choose a slot with a proper denomination. However, it is important to remember that the lower denomination means the lower payout rate.

Lady Fortune

It is said: "Always play with money you are able to live without". So, it is extremely important to set the bankroll limit and play keeping to it. It is very easy to waste all money, chasing bonuses or a jackpot. If you are losing, bet smaller stakes. When you are winning, bet higher stakes. And remember lady fortune may smile at your game at any time.

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