What is after Winning the Jackpot?

Each player entering the casino floor dreams to leave it with the pockets full with a jackpot. Fans of slots are not an exception, as winning at slot machines is of high possibility. However, just few gamblers think over what is going on after they have won a jackpot. Here are examples of the highest winning at slot machines in the history and what is waiting for the jackpot winners.

The Biggest Hit Jackpots

The opinion that only professionals can win at slot games is a myth. Slots are games of pure luck and randomness, so it is enough to give lady fortune just a chance. The biggest jackpot has been ever won is Megabucks jackpot, considered to be one of the most famous slot machines. It starts at $7,000,000 and grows until it is won.

Elmer Sherwin won twice the Megabucks jackpot. The first time he got the reward of $4.6 million and has made the world tour. 21 years later at the age of 92 he won for the second time and his win was estimated as $21 million.

The second jackpot winner was Amy Nishimura of 71 years old. Wagering only $100, she won $8.9 million dollars in Las Vegas at Megabucks.

The third largest winning was $39.7 million dollars. It was won in Las Vegas by a man of 25 years old, who came to Las Vegas for the Basketball Tournament. His deposit of $100 brought him $1,500,000 per year for period of the next 25 years.

What Comes after Winning the Jackpot?

The Payout

If you hit the combination that brings a big jackpot, the slot machine locks up. Typically the lights start flashing and the music begins playing cheerful music. There can be a note across the screen "call attendant". In big casinos the electronic signal is sent to a central room and the managers are informed about the jackpot was hit. If the jackpot is under $5,000, a casino attendant checks whether the jackpot was really hit. If you win a large jackpot at progressives, like Megabucks, the slot machine will be checked by technicians.

You can get the winning in two ways by check or in cash. Big sums of money usually are paid out by check. The reward at Megabucks is paid out partially.


Each country has its law that regulates the taxation of casino winnings. Usually the winnings up to certain amount are free of taxes. All big winnings are reported to the government. In most countries you have to pay the income tax for your winning. You can deduct playing loses up to the sum of your winnings. All you have to do is to show the documents, which prove the fact.

Personal Identification

Before you take the winning you have to show the proper identification documents with the photo. Casinos managers check the age of the winner to be sure you are old enough to have the right to gamble. The minimum age varies in different countries.

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