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Slot machines are one of the most playable and famous casino games. The rules of the slots are the most attractive side of the game, as there is nothing simplest: you insert coins, pull the lever and the combination appears. The only thing that can make the complication is a wide range of slot machines, each of which has own advantages and disadvantages. Some slot machines seem to be quite popular, while others are of less fame. The reasons can be different but the main ones are payouts and odds.

The Best Featured Online Slot Machines

The most popular slot machines among hunters for a big jackpot are progressive slots. The jackpots in progressives are not fixed they grow until they reach the amount determined by the casinos or the winner comes. Progressive slots are linked and share the same jackpot amount, which is shown on the screen of each slot. The progressive jackpot is much more than standard one. For this reason they attract a lot of gamblers in online casinos as well as in land-based ones.

Despite bonus slots being not so favorable from the strategies' point of view, but they are still interesting for slots fans. The reason is bonuses make the game more promising and challenging. As bonus there can be free spins, a game within the game, extra cash or other benefits.

Many players prefer playing slots with high denomination, as their payouts are high as well. On the other hand, it is necessary to keep in mind that playing slots of high denomination you waste your money quicker.

The Most Playable Slot Machines

  • The King of slot games is considered to be the Megabucks. It is the progressive slot machine, which offers one of the biggest jackpots. Three world jackpots were won at this slot game. It is available in Las Vegas as well as in online casinos.
  • "Alien Video Slots" were rewarded as the best new video slots and the best video slot graphics. It is out of your imagination, really thrilling and scared game.
  • "Cleopatra Slots" contain such beneficial symbols, like wild and scatter. Also bonuses, such as free spins are available.
  • "Elvis Slots" will be a pleasant surprise for Elvis Presley fans, as this slot is themed to honor the memory of the famous singer.
  • "Tabasco Slots" are rewarded as the best video slot sound and the best new video slot machine. Moreover it got the best mark in "The Most Innovative Video Slot" nomination.
  • There are a lot of other slot machines that are fascinating and have many benefits for players. The choice depends on your taste and priorities.

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