Bankroll Management Strategy

Everybody goes through losing streaks every once in a while. If you haven't, you will - eventually. And then you will keep running after your losses, getting angrier at the slot machine every time. Even though you think the machine might be rigged, you can't seem to stop pulling on the lever and in no time at all, your entire bankroll will be gone.

Another scenario could happen, too: you are an avid slots player and you suddenly win big; your bankroll has actually doubled! Your inner voice says you should stop, but you think "Wow, since I'm so lucky right now, another spin can't hurt me." After you lose the next spin, you think "I have to win that loss back." After that, you just end up running after the loss - repeatedly.

Does any of this sound familiar at all? This is called the seductive gambling quality. Losing makes you keep playing in order to win what you have lost and winning makes you keep playing since you start to believe tonight is definitely your night.

To avoid these disasters, two things need to be done: you have to control the losses and control the wins through proper bankroll management.

How to Control Your Losses

To control the losses, limit the money that you bring with you to the machines. In general, a good bankroll should consist of 400 coins in total. This can be changed with other systems of playing slots, but regardless of your overall bankroll, you need to sub-divide it to smaller amounts for every session of playing. You need to tell yourself to only use a single session bankroll without touching the others each time and stick to your promise, regardless of what happens. By doing this, you will only risk smaller portions of your whole gambling budget.

How to Control Your Wins

Every sound slots strategy has to have rules on how to handle wins. You could set target profits, for example. They need to be realistic when looking at your session's bankroll, though. After reaching that goal, stop playing slots immediately. If your goal stands at a profit of 50%, quit playing after you reach it - no matter what.

You could also control your winnings by freezing big profits. Stash your winnings away along with a sizable part of your bankroll and don't touch them again.

Every slots strategy needs discipline, which is why regular gamblers end up losing. So stop being a "regular" gambler today!

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